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Have delivered multiple compliance training seminars, mandatory for ALL D&H employees at the corporate level.  Those who could not attend due to location of our nationwide distribution centers or remote status, were required to view presentations that I had created and posted internally for viewing.

The following are small clips of our Cybersecurity presentation called “The Human Firewall” and our “Sexual & Workplace Harassment” presentations I delivered in the first quarter of 2018.


The Human Firewall



Sexual & Workplace Harassment



Delivered a one day Train-The-Trainer seminar for Kaplan Career Institute in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In attendance were educators with various levels of experience however, most were new instructors.

The following  is a small example of the content delivered. The video clips are intended to demonstrate my comfort level in front of an audience and my delivery style.  I use years of experience and humor as my baseline, constantly adjusting to meet the knowledge level of the attendees.

Class size and experience level has never been an issue; I have delivered in front of classes as small as 5 to as large as 1300 attendees.  Those in attendance have been non-experienced as well as seasoned veterans in their field. I have always been prepared for the demands of my students and have demanded the same from those I manage.  I have always believed, lead by example.

In addition, my motto has always been:

“Professional Educators, Professional Results”.




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